midnight oil.. OWL.



I moved.

Hey guys, I can still see most of them coming back here 🙂 just to let you know that I moved to janeeching.wordpress.com

Hope to see you there too!

Love, Jane.

end of the road.

Hello, click me!



Hello everyoneeee!

thankyou for being a frequent reader of uniquelyjane, without you guys this blog wouldn’t hit 44K in three years time. Specially thanks to my number one fans, Timothy Ong (*wink*) for being here catching up always. Thanks to my friends who encouraged me to blog, you guys know you are. Most of my friends who have good writing skills, thank you for helping me and correcting my banana sentences and grammar. thank you for all the comments in the comment box. thankyou wordpress that I could blog with beautiful themes, widgets and tools. Last but not least, thank God for everyone in my life, with you all I could come out with 500 posts through out this year. People, I just LOVE YOU all to the max.

I love to blog, people-food-love-feelings-emotion-assignment-fun-family etc. I blog whenever I want to. I blog because I get to think, write and share. If you are here always, you will see my pages overfilled with photos other than words. hehe. that’s one of the most common comment I received, ‘Jane, write more ba!” haha.

all here was just a memory, I will end it with my last post  🙂 these few pictures are my fav taken from tumblr 🙂

im glad that good friends around me starts to blog too (see the big influence?) hahaha! guysss, keeep it up because that’s the place where I get update with you all 🙂 unless you have the reason that you’re just one kilometer away from me. hehe.

“save your heart for someone who cares” this words are a good reminder for myself and the young people these days.

forgive me If I dint end my last post nicely.

God Bless.



i misss home 😦



what’s yours?

few dream that came true- i always wanted to be a designer, never thought that I could actually study in LKW, met a guy called boyfriend in UNI… these are what I could thought of it at the moment. I believe in dream because dream is a wish your heart makes, it somehow helps to motivate a person in one way or another. Yet, when your dream came true (for me la, not sure bout you guys) new dream came along, its good because its shows that we grow… and of course, the up and down in between will made us a stronger and an outstanding person at the end of the day.

hey, what are you waiting for? run after your dream 🙂

life. love. faith. patience.



out of many other choices, McD is still the one. no driving class today, so I get to hang out with this two girls. hehe.

McD new waitress? hehe. kidding ba evonnnn.

nommm nommmmm!

spot what’s on the table? 😀

roxy think she is unique to dip her fries with tomato and salt.

and the mixture of salt with tomato sauces makes her hyperactive and disorder. HAHAH!

RUN before she scream and roll her eyes.. BYEEE!